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We All Interact, Now

It all happened so fast, didn’t it? The near explosion of web 2.0 and social networking sites galore? Like one of those graph lines that slowly inches upward over time, then, seemingly out of the blue, curves up fast, then shoots to the stars?

The momentum of all that sure could be consuming.

Good thing we were taught “mediation in all things”, huh?

This maxim holds especially true for social media. Social media shouldn’t be consuming. It should be crafted, so that those who do consume it might be enlightened by it in some small way.

And it’s a different menu list for every company.

After all, jumping into every new social media brand, for many, just ties up resources while delivering a disappointing ROI. Business-to-business operations, for example, may derive little from chasing after the public’s engagement. The public is not their audience. However, the public is the perfect audience for, say, film retailors. For these folks, time-is-of-the-essence messaging must be public and top-of-search.

Conversely, business-to-business operations probably do want to reach their Rep force and/or end users using a different voice — through a limited range of mediums.

In both cases, heck, any case; choosing the right social media outlets, and choosing the right voice should be well-considered. If possible, analytics should also be brought into the conversation.


Don’t send messages just to be messaging, either. “Be the tweet” sounds funny, makes you smile, but it also conveys a truth. People know when they are being “sold” versus “engaged.”

If you want their attention, be real with them. Find out who they are, and what they need — and give it to them. They will engage, and will even help you motivate them.

We’re all interacting, now.

So, it’s all about how.

Wishing you always-perfect pixels,

Marta Victoria

Above image from free fonts by Dawghouse Studio.


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