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Trade Shows


Before, During and After should NOT be the Three Stages of Grief

Everyone does a fairly good job, I’ve found through the years, of putting together and setting up their trade show areas. Graphics aside (a subject for a different day), execution of booth set-ups is something that many companies get mostly right.

That being the case, I do confess to being a bit bemused at why the middle part — the “during”, if you will — often the most difficult part, is the part that does get handled. When you think about it, that’s where all the expenses are.

Conversely, however — where the payoff lies — the “before” in preparation, and the “after” in follow-up — these are the areas that so often get neglected. Why is that?

Maybe your company should change that. Even if it cut a couple shows, and funnelled the money into the befores and afters of the ones that it kept; it would probably realize improved returns.

And it’s only the first time, that’s the hardest. The second time, the set-up, lists, announcements, traffic coding and check-backs all get easier.

Companies should really consider making the befores and afters a priority. Or bring someone in who can.

And in the smartest companies, this wouldn’t be a goal of Marketing’s, but of Management’s as well. Otherwise Accounting will nix the trade shows because the returns were wasted. Trade shows are up (did you know that?). They’re productive and valuable. Execute all three stages of them right, and you pocket the cash, and avoid the grief!

Wishing you always-perfect pixels,

Marta Victoria


My First Blog Post


Greetings and welcome to my new world!

What a fortuitous day to launch one’s website on — I couldn’t think of any day more apropos for taking a leap, than Leap Day itself. Such a lovely metaphor — and us graphic folk are big on metaphors.

Hard to believe that, well into the second decade of my art-directing-graphics career, it’s taken until now for me to finally buckle down and produce a website for myself. Guess it’s great that I’ve been too busy to; but still; I’m glad to have finally made it happen.

You see, I’m really excited to have this place in Digital Land to call my home. Welcome to it!

Please make it yours, too. Obviously, right now, it’s mostly a fancy resume; but with this blog and the ever-increasing possibilities that WordPress offers, I will be expanding this site with advice, tips and motivating inspirations.

So I hope you’ll pull up a chair and enjoy some good reading. Let me know what you think from time to time, too, and I’ll respond.

And don’t be a stranger? I don’t want to just see you on Leap Days.

Wishing you always-perfect pixels,

Marta Victoria

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